Update Sean

In de ingekomen e-mail troffen wij een bijzonder hoopvol bericht aan! Dit willen wij u niet onthouden, dus vandaar dat wij deze ingezonden mededeling integraal opnemen.

Dear academiers,

I am pleased to inform you that after the radiation and chemo treatment some significant improvement have been made. There is no cure yet, but the medium term outlook is positive, good news indeed.

So as Schwarzenegger said in the film Terminator, “I‘ll be back

I know more about my ailment, and I am pleased in a way, that it is not common lung cancer, as I haven’t smoked for 30 years, that didn’t seem right. So the upside is I have a more exotic strain, which is more my style, but the downside is, less is known about it. Another challenge to search for solutions.

As it now looks, I will be seen more regularly at the academy from half November. I have also been able to work away in the back ground and I am proud how the RAMO is progressing.

Yours in rugby,